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Three reasons why VR will revolutionize the real-estate market

The potential of VR in the real-estate sector has not yet fully been released. Of course, a lot of people know it exists, know what VR is but often forget it's not only used for gaming purposes. How can VR revolutionize something that has been established for a long time? Well, the answer is easy: it will make the life of real-estate agents or people who are looking for new apartments much easier. Recent researches have proven that VR is a booming technology, if right now it is still a “work in progress” it will soon become a routine thing in our everyday lives. It can be scary to commit to something new but like every big invention, it has its use. You’ll see how remarkably easier your life will become. Now, some people may be skeptical on how VR could possibly revolutionize the institution that is the real estate market but let us tell you the three main reasons why you should jump on the VR boat:

  • Time management: Real-estate agents must be mobile to show their clients properties. Unfortunately, there are only twenty-four hours in a day and when you think about traffic, the cost of gas and working hours, your productivity is at a low rate. You can only show a small amount of apartments or houses thus lowing your properties sells. VR can solve that problem. You only need the adapted gear and computer and you can organize tours from your office enabling faster tours and sells.
  • Representative images: The phrase that you will hear a lot while looking for an apartment is: it never looks like on the pictures. You can say good-bye to the frustration of none representative photos (or none existent for that matter) by using VR. You will see it how it is in the most real way, with or without furniture. Viewing properties through public tours is funny but the problem is, sometimes, that you can’t fully imagine yourself living in the rooms. Because of multiple reasons like these it can be difficult to search for apartments, but there is a solution: VR. No crowds, no bad pictures!
  • Full-immersion: There are a lot of buildings that have not yet been build but that you can already purchase. The problem with that, is that many buyers are afraid that their expectations will not be fulfilled. VR enables you to see those kind of projects. You will have the sensation to be there while it does not yet exist. The lightning, the furniture as the outside world will be depicted as it will look like when it is finished.

If this hasn’t convinced you yet, you can watch one of our videos on YouTube (link here) to make yourself your own opinion. We think that in a near future everyone in the real-estate sector will jump on the VR boat to ensure properties sell and easy management at a low price.

As for us, we will continue to develop our technology so that even the skepticals will be convinced!

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