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    For better Transparency, Predictability and Visualization.

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    Custom Image Recognition

    • Automatically extract architectural information from any blueprint
    • Improve your asset and facility management
    • System based on a deep learning algorithm

    360°, 3D & VR Architectural Visualization

    • Explore your property before or after it is built
    • Enhance your real estate listings
    • Create 360° videos for your website or presentation
    • Improve your marketing
    • Dive into virtual reality
  • Custom image recognition based on deep learning programming​

    Based on a self-developed deep learning algorithm, VRnow is able to automatically extract architectural information, such as the number of doors, rooms and windows, from any blueprint. This “Floor Plan Analysis” is a subfield of computer vision that aims to extract structural and semantic details from a previously unseen floor plan. By introducing deep learning to this field, VRnow is establishing a new state of the art.
    The information gained from the image recognition process can also be used to address important asset and facility management questions, including cost calculations and furnishing set-ups.

    360°, 3D & VR Architectural Visualization

    With its fully automated blueprint recognition system, VRnow revolutionizes the process of real estate viewings. Whether for apartments, houses, buildings or other objects (boats, cars), we enable owners and buyers to virtually explore the property both before and after it is built. You can order a 360° interactive video that can be used as a marketing tool on websites or in presentations. We also offer individual virtualizations, in which you can view the property in your own time using Virtual Reality (VR).

    Our fully immersive and interactive virtualizations can therefore also be an outstanding competitive marketing advantage for companies, allowing customers to experience products in a new and impressive way.

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